MOMENT | Adios 2014

Another year almost in the books! Now it's time to celebrate, contemplate, and take some time off. Thank you to all of you who take time to come by to this little corner of the internet on the regular. I am more grateful than I can say. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to 2015—it's going to be great. Really exciting stuff on the horizon, especially Reed! I'll be back here in January, but in the mean time I'll be out and about on the Instagram.

Happy New Year.


And a song to take us out...

George Harrison and Paul Simon Homeward Bound performed on SNL in 1977.

GIVEAWAY | American Bison Leather Moccasins

If you're like me, the holidays (at least in theory) are about curling up with books and watching old movies, hanging out at home and having that much needed downtime at year's end to process and recharge. What better footwear to do all that in than these soft-soled mocs ($98), created by a leather goods company that's been in business nearly a century. They were made for hunting, to allow the hunter or huntress to feel the ground and anticipate loud branches breaking under foot to keep noise levels low, but they'd obviously work really well as house slippers too. Our incredible sponsor Kaufmann Mercantile is giving a pair away. To enter, check us out on Instagram (@lgmettler and @kaufmannmercantile) and enter a comment below. We'll announce the winner here, so don't forget to check back. 

The winner is: jkaye! Please email me: lizziegarrett(at)gmail(dot)com and well get you hooked up with a pair of mocs!   

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UNIFORM | Seawall His & Her Shirts

Photos by Ben Hoffman

Ok, well this just makes a ton of sense. Seawall (their sister brand is Brook There), out of Portland, Maine has just put out a collection of classic button-down oxfords for men and women that are identical in design, but cut differently. Kind of great in a really simple way, right? It was Woody Guthrie who said, "Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.” I think these shirts are absolutely genius in their simplicity. Each shirt is made in Maine from Japanese, English and American fabrics. Check out all their shirts for men and women here.

SCENE | Taos, New Mexico, 1937.

You know that tumblr, Dads are the Original Hipsters? I thought of that when I saw these photos from 1937 by Peter Stackpole for LIFE. Someone's (possibly) great grandparents are the originals in this case—they've got the denim, the hats, the boots, and even the trailer. I really want to know more about these people and why they were being shot, but couldn't find the article the photos were attached to, maybe the story never ran in the magazine. I bet they never thought they'd be published on a style blog 77 years later.

SCENE | Badminton Horse Trials

Prince Charles (sporting a rare beard) in 1976 and Princess Anne in 1971.

No one does tweed, herringbone, waxed cotton and utilitarian outerwear better than the British royals and the like at the Badminton Horse Trials. A few gems over the decades from the annual three-day event in South Gloucestershire that prove once again that classic utility never goes out of style.

Princess Diana in 1985; Prince Charles in 1986; Princess Anne in 1984.
Princess Anne on horseback in 1978; Captain Mark Phillips, Princess Anne, Peter Phillips in 1987; Prince Andrew in 1979.
Princess Diana in 1981; Princess Michael of Kent in 1981.
Princess Anne in 1969; Prince Phillip in 1969.
Wilf White and Mrs Bryan Marshall in 1956; Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 1955; unknown riders 1956; Mrs. J.D. Roberts and Mr. M.R. Reeves, 1929.

NOISE | The Weight

Looking to listen to holiday music today, but already "fatigued" from the classic tunes (uh oh), I wanted something not totally off topic, but also not anything you'd here in any retail establishment in America right now. The Weight by The Band makes the perfect fake Christmas song. I mean, it is about a traveler's visit to Nazareth (ok, Nazareth, PA., but still the name of Jesus' hometown), which means it's practically Deck The Halls. And the real gift is the 1976 version from The Last Waltz which features the Staple Singers sitting in.

ICONS | Dude Girls of the American West

Lost in an Internet worm hole yesterday, I found myself in the University of Wyoming photo archives, which is impressive both in scope and size. Beyond all the photographic treasures, I found a term I'd never seen before: Dude Girl. Interestingly, the word dude may have derived from Scottish in the late 19the century as a term meant to mock how a woman was dressed as a "dud" or dude—a new word for dandy. The word dude evolved in this country to describe a tourist who attempts to dress like a local but fails. Obviously the word means a lot of things now, and although the word dude may have meant "city slicker" in the West, I think these dude girls in Wyoming look pretty authentic and capable, well, most of them. I also found a photo of Ernest and Pauline Hemingway that I had to include at the end.

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UNIFORM | General Knot Co.

General Knot Co., a collection of limited-edition New England-made ties, scarves, belts, leather goods and more, is exactly the place to visit if you're feeling stressed about gifting. Their products seem to somehow appeal to all ages and genders. It's not that they have a ton of product, it's just that their restrained collection is really classic without being boring. Beyond relieving my gift anxiety and stress (for now), General Knot Co. also really got me in the holiday spirit with their tartans, herringbones and wools.