I'm super excited to announce a new project I'm working on with my friend Eva Goicochea called Reed. When this blog started in May of 2010, we weren't exactly sure who the tomboy of the 21st century was, or what she wore, where she went, or who her role models were. I'm proud of the exploration we've embarked on and the findings we've come back with. Reed will be a shopping destination and the new home of this blog (the blogging will continue) and other cool things that will launch in the new year. We know an online shop isn't reinventing the wheel as it relates to the current retail landscape, but I'm hopeful that we're putting together something really special and unique that will particularly serve you—me—us, in a way that other shops don't. Just like Tomboy Style, our goal for Reed is to search out quality, authenticity, adventure, and style and share it. More excitement and more news in 2015, but for now if you want to sign up for updates, please do: Please join Eva and me on the diving board before we jump in.