MOMENT | Sherpa's Fund

You may have heard, especially if you are a big climber, about the massive avalanche that occurred on Mount Everest last week. Sixteen Nepalese sherpas were killed marking April 18, 2014 as the deadliest day on record for Mt. Everest. Sadly, the Sherpa community has suffered the brunt of lives lost on Everest and surrounding peaks in the Himalaya. It is a lucrative job (a Mount Everest guide typically earns about $125 per climb) that will continue as Nepali guides accept the risk to make a better income for their families, but this tragedy has illuminated how widows and families of the sherpas are left with just $400 from the government and rarely any further support. The Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation has been an established force in the Sherpa community since 2003, trying to lower the causalities by teaching technical climbing and mountain rescue skills. The foundation is currently working with Sherpa's Fund, a group of ten professional photographers who have donated their photographs, and are allocating 100% of the profits to those effected by the tragedy. You can purchase photos ($100 each) of the Everest region and simultaneously provide relief to a community in crisis. The sale ends Wednesday (4/30) at midnight, learn more and find the complete collection of photos here.