UNIFORM | Tomboy Style x Tradlands Popover Shirts

What started with a pile of oxford cloth swatches on my desk, has become, months later, a fully-formed popover shirt. I'm not going to pretend that there's a "new twist on a old classic" here, it's just a perfectly classic shirt made from trusted classic materials. So, why remake a classic? Because frankly, it's not that easy to find a well-made button-down button-up shirt tailored for women and made from classic materials in 2014. And when I say well-made, I mean I don't want it to disintegrate after it's washed once or twice. I inquired to see if the San Francisco-based and American-made Tradlands would be interested in making the popover I craved. I've been a fan of theirs since word got out of their existance and they indeed were just as interested in the idea as I was.

And so, the rest is history! We made some popovers! Two to be exact. The Busby is a grape and white striped oxford cloth shirt named after my great grandfather of English descent. I love how this shirt is both proper and casual. The Ashburn is a solid white oxford with tortoise shell buttons which is named after the first dorm I lived in at Brooks School, it's a shirt I wish I had then because when you have limited closet space, this is a shirt that really can be worn with everything, multiple days a week even. Both are available at Tradlands for $167 each.