IMAGE | Patriotic Brands

A couple of days ago the Wall Street Journal posted a study that shows consumers consider the top three most patriotic brands in the U.S. to be: Jeep, Levi's, and Coca-Cola in that order. Food for thought as we toast the country's 238th birthday tomorrow.

As an interesting side note, the bottom left photo from 1948 is not a Coca-Cola ad, but a LIFE Magazine photo of a model being sprayed with DDT. The idea for the photo was to demonstrate how the (now-banned) insecticide wouldn't contaminate her food or drink. Now it's clear that DDT was not good for humans or the planet, and scientists note that the US ban on DDT was a major factor in the comeback of the bald eagle—so I guess if I'm ever asked to take a consumer poll, I'm going all out for the EPA as the most patriotic brand in America!
Happy Fourth!

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