GEAR | Woolrich Footwear

You may be familiar with Woolrich because it has been the longest continuously running woolen mill in the United States. From what began in 1830, a woolen mill built in Plum Run, Pennsylvania that created fabrics for loggers, trappers, miners, and rivermen and then sold out of a mule cart, has grown and evolved over eight generations. This season the heritage brand launches its very first footwear collection for men and women with the same ethos and dedication to authenticity as they did 180 years ago. The wool fabrics that line Woolrich shoes start out in the same way as they always do, as simple bales of raw wool. The new women's footwear line includes several micro-collections, but the one that drew me in first was unsurprisingly their Tomboy Collection, including the Dead Eye Boot ($300) which I took for a test spin this weekend. Comfortable, functional, sturdy, and warm—a good solid pair of kickers.