ICON | Cornelia "Fly Rod" Crosby

I was so delighted to discover Ms. Cornelia Crosby today while looking into the history of Registered Maine Guides (as one does). Crosby, who was best know by her nickname "Fly Rod" was in 1897 the very first Maine Registered Guide. She was exceptional at fly-fishing (you'd better be if that's your name) who was witnessed to have caught 200 Brook Trout in a single day. But perhaps Crosby's best achievement was marketing Maine tourism to the rest of the country. She attended large outdoor trade shows in Boston and New York, wrote a syndicated column about her adventures, and advocated for railroads to be built to access hunting, fishing, and hiking in Western Maine. Quite a life, especially for a woman born in 1854. Looks like she even got some casting in with a young Theodore Roosevelt (photo below).