DRINK | Campfire Coffee by The Poor Porker

There's plenty of room in the coffee world for something that's super thoughtful and delicious without being overly precious, so when The Poor Porker out of Lakeland, FL. started making a roasted and smoked small-batch Campfire Coffee blend ($15 for an 8 oz bag), I was like: yes please. Here's the simple math: Hand smoked chicory + organic fresh roasted coffee x brewed any which way you like = a campfire in your morning cup of joe. I won't go overboard and say it's transcendent, but it will transport you back to your last wilderness excursion for a few seconds before getting back to your computer—and that's something. You can complete the aesthetic experience with their hand-made enamel mugs ($18), but I think Robyn and Jarrid of The Poor Porker would encourage a proper trounce through the woods to realllllly complete the experience.

And lastly, a gratuitous shot of Poor Porker co-founder Robyn from their holiday pop-up because: great outfit...style blog...yadda yadda.