UNIFORM | The Gjusta Bakery Coat

This indigo chore coat is my new favorite item. It's soft but sturdy, totally utilitarian and multi-functional, the perfect blue, and American-made. What I like just as much as the coat, is how I came to it. I met Anaïs of the photo duo Anaïs & Dax last week and she was wearing it. Before we could get into any niceties or hellos I blurted out, tell me everything about your coat! She told me she saw servers at (one of L.A.'s most-loved bakeries) Gjusta wearing them and mustered the courage to ask where they were from. The coat is made by the label Lily Ashwell, the daughter of Shabby Chic's Rachel Ashwell. Admittedly, I would have totally overlooked the Lily Ashwell Indigo Linen Workman's Jacket ($185) if it wasn't for Anaïs. And how cool that the servers at Gjusta wear them—they are literally a uniform, and that arm pencil pocket, I'm into it. Keep up with Tomboy Style elsewhere: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER.